A community science project!

Who we are and what we do

The COSMOS platform is a non-profit research project run by scientists at MCN of the University of Basel . We are a team of researchers with backgrounds in a broad variety of different scientific disciplines. Our common goal is to learn more about how the human brain solves the complex tasks it is faced with everyday. Such tasks consist for example in reading the sentences you are reading right now, extracting the informational content from these lines and retrieve that from your memory at a later point time in time. Some might recall more details than others and some even might recite the exact sentences. Measuring such differences provides the basis to figure out, what causes them. Measuring repeatedly allows checking, if and how your brain can actually benefit from practice.

Why we need your help

Our research is heavily dependent on your participation. We try to take psychological research out of the lab and reach out to a larger community of study participants. This will allow basing the findings on a broader fundament and help us to conduct more informative research.

What we can offer

We are redesigning psychological tests as applied games. Thus we try to make the classic psychological assessment more entertaining. The games may also provide a way to train certain cognitive functions. While there is a huge market advertising that “brain training games” provide substantial benefits and improve your mind and brain, these claims are not solidly based on scientific research. For more information on this issue please read the open letter A Consensus on the Brain Training Industry from the Scientific Community signed by many of the world's leading cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists. Hence, one goal of COSMOS is to provide the solid scientific data to investigate the claims put forward by online portals that charge money for their cognitive training programmes. Currently, we are starting the pilot-phase of COSMOS comprising only a few games. We will keep adding additional games that aim at testing or training also other cognitive abilities. As a matter of course, we’ll keep you informed on all of the scientific discoveries that come from analyzing the data you provide us by playing our cognition games.

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