First of all: Thank you for taking part in this study!

In this study you will have the opportunity to play games, which aim to measure attention and working memory. Now while we are aware of the circumstance that this may not sound like a pleasant leisure entertainment to everyone, you are supporting basic research on attention, learning and memory by doing so. In short: Taking part serves a good purpose as you help advancing scientific knowledge. Specifically, you are helping us to develop tests that are suitable for online-based testing. Before we can begin, we have to ask you to read and mark the following information, if you agree. Entering an email address is optional. Of course, we will not disclose any of the gathered personal information to third parties and the information you provide will only be evaluated to provide group level references. As you can see in the browser address bar in the top left, next to the URL there is a lock - that indicates, that any information that you enter here will be encrypted and is thus protected from unauthorized access.
You will receive a short performance feedback after you completed the test.

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